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2 choice burial sites (side by side :) on a slight hill, under beautiful tees, in the desirable W Block of the beautiful National Memorial Park, located at 7482 Lee Highway, Falls Church, Va. 22042 Ensure that your loved ones have a place to come visit you after your passing. It'll bring them great comfort. We'll make this happen quickly & easily. The present list price for only one of these plots is $8900 ! {That is directly from the cemetery - and for only 1 plot.} We are selling both - that's two - of these sites together for the very reasonable price of $8,300. You can do the math : less than half price for each ! - or two plots for less than the price of one ! The transfer fee [$200 each] will also be paid for by the seller - making this an even better deal. National Memorial Park will handle the transfer paperwork. This is a smooth process. We're ready if & when you are. Please note : Some of the attached pictures are of the actual burial spaces being sold, and the other pictures are meant to only show how well-maintained and idyllic the grounds of National Memorial Park truly are. [Some photos are actually from the cemetery's website itself.] The maps show the layout of the cemetery and where our plots are located within Block W. I left one picture seemingly upside down, to better show how that section corresponds to the larger map as a whole. The funeral home, crematory and cemetery provides compassionate, professional and personalized service to people of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds. $8,300 OBO {We also have two other cemetery plots for sale, adjoining these - if you should happen to need or want more. Peace be with you and yours.}


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